How it Works

We will be using a landscape design software application that allows us to start with a photo of a planting area and then superimpose plants and hardscape onto the photo so that we can test ideas. We may create multiple options of any proposed landscape so that we can throw out ideas for discussion.

Projects may come from any person in the group.

  • We start with a photo (.jpeg file type preferred).

  • Ideas for hardscape and plants are then superimposed on the photo.

  • Photos will be periodically updated with changes as they are made to the landscape.

Unfortunately, the software is not a multi-user application, so your input needs to be a written description and then Steve will attempt to create an image based upon your idea description. Email your description, photos and any other information that helps the group get started.

Weekly status reports will be emailed out from Steve letting you know how each project is coming along.

Social get togethers are monthly with an option for more frequent gatherings as desired. The usual location will be Steve's house on the east side of town. to be included in the group.